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Data Driven Consumer Insight

We ask consumers the right questions that will answer your marketing questions. We execute the highest standards in data collection to obtain truthful, quality data and maintain the Marketing Research Association code of ethics. Data driven insight is the key to effectively develop your marketing offering, whether it is a product or service.

Research Methods

We offer various methods of market research. The methodology chosen is customized and based on specific client needs. We utilize the processes that will provide you with solutions to solve your marketing research demands. We take the time to solve problems by answering your questions specific to your industry.

Hyper Local Analytics

Through hyper local analytics, we gain insight into the behaviors and motivations of targeted audiences. By extracting raw location-based data, event data, and social data, and running a series of “data cleansing” processes, we can interpret consumer driven trends and patterns that are associated with brands, products, and services. This digital footprint creates a profile of your customer and guides you in successful marketing efforts.




Efficient & Practical Research For the Digital Age

At Facts ’n Figures we leverage unique market research methodologies to deliver meaningful insights and actionable solutions to our clients. Since inception in 1969, Facts ’n Figures has grown to become a sustainable solutions provider with unparalleled “Red Ribbon” service. Our superior facilities and excellent customer service make us an industry leader with enterprise clients within the Fortune 500 sector. Our primary emphasis is on research and development, coupled with brand building and concept testing for the general and Hispanic/Latino markets.

What separates FNF from other research companies is that we apply hyper-local analytics through our best-in-class online and traditional market research strategies to create winning marketing solutions. We provide our clients access to consumer data that identifies an organic digital foot-print to formulate a product driven consumer profile. Our strategy not only finds solutions to marking questions, but as a bonus, allows clients to market directly to their target audience with actionable solutions. Our research is conducted through traditional and online avenues including but not limited to, online focus groups and surveys, CLT’s, taste tests, IDI’s usability tests, product placements, ethnographies, and mall/in-store intercepts.

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  • Michelle Cavallaro

    Spencer Research, Inc.

    “Dear Friends at Facts n’ Figures, I just wanted to thank all of you for your hard work on the recent Spencer project. I know this was not an easy project from the recruit to the execution on test day. With everyone involved it went very well! I look forward to working with you again soon.”

  • Alana Beal

    Creative Communications

    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you and your entire team for making this focus group experience a great one for the participants in LA. Everything went so well and I am super pleased with how it was handled by your staff”

  • Sherry LeMire

    Food Perspectives, Inc.

    “What separates Facts ‘n Figures from competitors in the Los Angeles market? Trust, integrity, honesty, and value. With recruiting, you let me know if you see an issue and bring it up immediately, so we don’t have the issue where we promise our client a deliverable and then have to tell him that we can’t do it. In fielding, you take ownership of the projects.”